İngilizce Paragraf ve Makale Örnekleri

Here are English Paragraph and Essay Samples. Original essays and paragraphs were edited and developed by Kenan AKARSLAN
(Paragraf ve makaleler üzerinde gerekli düzeltme, ekleme ve çıkarmalar Kenan AKARSLAN tarafından yapılmıştır.)
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1- Narrative Paragraphs (Öyküleyici Paragraflar)
2- Descriptive Paragraphs (Betimleyici Paragraflar)
3- Process Paragraphs (Süreç Paragrafları)
4- Opinion Essays (Fikir Makaleleri)
5- Cause and Effect Essays (Sebep Sonuç Makaleleri)
6- Compare and Contrast Essays (Karşılaştırma Makaleleri)

1- Narrative Paragraphs (Öyküleyici Paragraflar)

SAMPLE 1 (By Gülsen Köksal)

The Encounter

It was a rainy day. I had never been more tired in my life. I just had spent all day for online assignments. I was at a cafe. I and my friend were worried about our assignments and suddenly my friend noticed that someone from our school had entered the cafe. Then, she asked me: “Have you seen this guy in our school before?” I answered: “I remember his face, but I did not like his mimics and gestures at first sight. He looked so silly and irritating.” We went on chatting with my friend. We were catching each other’s eye with the boy in the cafe. Next day, we encountered again. This time, we found reasons to talk. I started to like him. We are still together. I want to be happy with him in the future.

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