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I decided to write about a typical day for a nurse because my sister and cousin are nurses, so I wanted to tell you about the difficulty in their profession. A typical day for a nurse starts at 7 a.m. They get their coffee and start to gossip with each other. Then, doctors arrive at 9 a.m. After that, they accept patients until 12. At 12.00, they go to the dining hall and eat their lunch. Later, their shift starts at 1:30 until 4:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. is the time to leave. I want to tell a story from my cousin because it made me laugh. One day, a patient’s mother came to see her son in the Intensive Care Service. My cousin asked her to put on galosh. The woman put on the galosh on her head instead of her feet. Even only this story shows what nurses have to face. Finally, being a nurse is very hard. Taking care of people from 7 to 70 is so difficult.


2- The Discovery of Writing

The first writing was found by Sumerians and Egyptians developed it. In the beginning, there was no paper and people were just writing on the stones. I think the most important discovery for people is the writing because people have recorded important events through it. That is, information is easily transferred to communities so technology and culture developed. Daily life got easier. I think the invention of writing was also important for trade because people constantly communicate in trade. If it was not for writing, people would be in difficulty in trading. For example, products would not be easily explained. People would have to communicate by hand moves in the life without writing. In short, writing is the most important discovery for people because it is in every area of life.

Ahmet Hakan SÖNMEZ

3- Van-Erciş Earthquake

An earthquake is the shaking of the ground caused by a movement of the Earth’s crust. Earthquakes occur in fault lines. Earthquakes may occur at any moment so we must be ready for it at any time. In the past, Turkish people experienced many earthquakes. Van-Erciş earthquake occurred on the 23rd of October 2011. The earthquake lasted 25 seconds but it was scary. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.2. The first news was really bad. I was worried and scared. It was a very difficult situation. We wanted to help people but everyone was helpless. Many people went to the district to help people. Civil defense forces were saving people. As a result, many people were dead and injured. We supported them later to make things easier for the victims. I hope we will be more careful and ready for the next earthquake.

Ataberk KEÇELİ

4- Children’s Day

In this text, I will explain the story of Children’s Day. Firstly, 23rd of April is an important day for Turkish people because the Grand National Assembly was established by at Atatürk on this day. So Turks won their own independence. Before the Grand National Assembly, Atatürk gathered congresses in Sivas and Erzurum. Representatives were selected from all over the country. These Representatives gathered on the 23rd of April 1920 in Ankara. After a long time, as he loved children very much, Ataturk gave this day to children as a gift. Since that day, 23rd of April is the Children’s Day. The government gives governance to children on this day. Our country becomes the festival area on this day. Children activities in stadiums. For example, they perform traditional dances. This day is not only for Turkish children but also for the children in the whole world thanks to Atatürk.

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5- Importance of Using Overpasses

When I was a child, I used to go to school on foot everyday. There was a highway and an overpass in front of my school. Cars sped down this way. If tudents wanted to cross the road, they had to use the overpass. One day, I was late for school and instead of using the overpass I cross the road and a car almost hit me. I was shocked. My hands were trembling. I was very scared. After this event, I never used to the road to go to school. I have always used overpasses. If you have a child, teach him to use them.

Muhammed Selim AYDIN

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6- The First Wheel in History

There are a lot of historical realities in our life. One of them is the wheel. The wheel is the most important invention in our history. From beginning to end, it has changed and evolved very much. The remains of the first wheel was found by archaeologists. They found it while digging a site. According to their research results, the wheel was invented in 3,000 B.C. by Sumerians. The Sumerians needed a vehicle to move things. They asked themselves, ” How can we move these things easily?” They saw a broken tree rolling. Then, they decided to make a circular thing like that. After that, they decided to make two wooden blocks. They connected the blocks with each other. They built a box on it. At last, they put things on the wooden blocks. They started to carry things easily. So, the first wheel was made by Sumerians. Then, wheels have continued to develop and they are still developing.

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