A.1 Seviyesi 2. dönem 2. İngilizce Yazılı Soruları


NAME            :                                                                                                         DATE: ……/……./2013

SURNAME:                                                                                     CLASS: 9/AND-……


A.        Circle the correct answer. (Doğru cevabı yuvarlak içine alın)     (18X2=36)


1. the accumulation of knowledge or skill

a. expense

b. independence

c. privacy

d. experience


2. leave

a. orator

b. receive

c. prepare

d. retire


3. duty

a. assassinate

b. responsibility

c. expense

d. celebrate


4. ~ a message: give formal talk

a. alive

b. deliver

c. retire

d. receive


5. give someone confidence or hope

a. nickname

b. donate

c. divorce

d. encourage


6. have special festivities

a. dedicate

b. celebrate

c. retire

d. prepare


7. the celebration of an event every year

a. deliver

b. anniversary

c. alive

d. privacy


8. good speaker

a. retire

b. matter

c. donate

d. orator


9. to make ready

a. retire

b. safe

c. privacy

d. prepare


10. to concentrate on something

a. join

b. focus

c. alive

d. donate


11. a special purpose

a. mention

b. prison

c. mission

d. join


12. free from danger

a. alive

b. pay

c. end

d. safe



13. to give aid, help

a. support

b. improve

c. prepare

d. orator


14. devote to a cause or purpose

a. dedicate

b. retire

c. donate

d. deliver


15. secrecy

a. privacy

b. prepare

c. prison

d. pay


16. according to the law

a. pay

b. legal

c. handle

d. end


17. a formal agreement between enemies to stop fighting a war

a. mission

b. hospice

c. armistice

d. retire


18. free will

a. expense

b. handle

c. independence

d. experience

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