A.2 Seviyesi 1. dönem 3. İngilizce Yazılı Soruları


NAME  :                                                                                                         DATE: ……/……./2013

SURNAME:                                                     NUMBER:                                 CLASS: 10/AND-……                Kitapçık A


1. There are — roses in the garden.

a) some b) any c) a d) an e) much

2. I haven’t got — books.

a) some b) any c) a d) an e) much

3. I’d like — English.

a) learning b) learn c) can learn d) to learn e) to learning

4. They are — pepole I have ever met.

a) the nicer b) the nicest c) nicest

d) the most nicest e) more nice

5. We need a —.

a) milk b) kilo of flour c) flour d) tomatoes e) oranges

6. Don’t read that book. It’s really —.

a) bored b) boring c) bore d) to bore e) to bored

7. The story was very — so ı read it twice.

a) interested b) interest c) interesting

d) interests e) to interest

8. Jim and Sarah — the work in the house and in the garden, yet.

a) have finished b) has finished c) haven’t finished

d) hasn’t finished e) has finish

9. They — the  cake, when you —.

a) will eat/arrived b) will eat/are arriving c) were eating/arrived

d) ate/were arriving e) eaten/arrived

10. I — my aunt while I — going to school.

a) see/was b) saw/was c) will see/been

d) have seen/were e) seen/been


11. If they — salary, I’ll look for another job.

a) don’t increase b) isn’t increase c) won’t increase

d) didn’t increase e) wasn’t increase

12. While she was watching TV, the lights — out.

a) was going b) go c) went d) has gone e) gone

13. If parents cook vegetables at home, —.

a) their children won’t get fat. b) your teeth won’t decay

c) you won’t become a couch potato d) he will lose weight

14. If you do more exercise, —.

a) they will be fit b) you won’t gain weight

c) you’ll have strong teeth and bones d) you will be hungry

15. If he — a temperature, he — the doctor.

a) should see b) should cook  c) should try d) should travel

16. Was Jack — at 11 pm yesterday.

      No, he — . He was —.

a) sleep/was/studying b) sleeping/wasn’t/studying

c) slept/wasn’t/study d) sleeping/wasn’t/study

17. I — a man behind me, while — to my car.

a) was noticing/walked b) noticed/walk

c) was noticing/was walking d) noticed/was walking

18. Mike!  You shouldn’t drive so — here.

a)fast b) happily c) easily d) quietly

19. There was no smile on his face. He was sitting —.

a) angrily b) carefully c) loudly d) suddenly

                                               (20-25. sorular parçaya göre cevaplanacaktır)

Samuel was alone at home. He was very sad because nobody remembered his birthday. While he was lighting the candle, the telephone rang. He answered the phone. It was his best friend. His friend said their house was on fire. Samuel took the extinguisher and went to his friend’s house. It was dark. When he turned on the lights, he saw all his friends. They were clapping and singing “Happy birthday to you …”

  1. Samuel was sitting with his friend at home, when the phone rang.    a) TRUE           b) FALSE
  2. Samuel was sad because there was a fire in his friend’s house.       a) TRUE           b) FALSE
  3. When he turned on the lights, the telephone rang.                            a) TRUE           b) FALSE
  4. Samuel’s friends had a surprise birthday pary for him.                     a) TRUE           b) FALSE
  5. While he was lighting the candle, he saw all his friends.                   a) TRUE           b) FALSE
  6. What did Samuel take when his friend said their house was on fire?

a) a candle b) the phone c) the fire extinguisher d) his friend’s house e) the light

(26. soru aşağıda koyu yazılmış cümlelerde bırakılan boşluklara göre yapılacaktır. Doğru sıralama hangi şıkta                                                                                      verilmiştir)

The man has just —  a fish      The young man has just — in the pool           The woman has just — on the phone

Julia has just — a wallet in the street  The Whites have just — the shopping

  1. a. found-talked-caught-swum-done  b. talked-swum-found-found-done        c. caught-swum-found-done-talked

d. caught- swum-done-found-talked      e. caught-swum-talked-found-done

  1. This is the most delicious pizza I have — tasted.

a) never b) ever c) yet d) already d) often

28. Mandy is a — girl. She drives her car —

a) careful/carefully b) carefully/careful c) carefully/carefully d) careful/careful

(29-32. sorular aşağıdaki mektuba göre cevaplanacaktır.)

Dear John,

I’ve been here in Antalya, Turkey for a week now and I’m having a great time.

I have lain on the beach. I haven’t read a book, yet. I haven’t watched TV, but I have bought some souvenirs. I haven’t tried windsurfing. I haven’t visited any historic sights. I have made a lot of new friends here.


29. David — in Antalya for a week.      a) has been b) have been c) hasn’t been d) haven’t been

30. He — on the beach, —.                  a) has lain/yet b) has lain/already c) hasn’t lain/yet d) hasn’t lain/ever

31. Has David read any books?           a) Yes, he has b) No, he hasn’t c) Yes, he has already read books d) No, he didn’t

32. David has — made new friends.     a) just b) yet c) never d) ever e) already

  1. Kişiler hangi tür tatil yapmışlardır, yandaki boşluklara yazın.

1-  Adventure Holiday              2- Boating Holiday       3- Hiking Holiday         4- Sightseeing Holiday

Ben: When I fell into the river, I was really scared                                              __________________ .

Jane: While we were visiting the Taj Mahal, many tourists were taking pictures.  __________________ .

Dirk: While we were diving, we saw lots of sea animals. It was fantastic.                       __________________ .

Tim: While we were walking down the mountain, it started to rain heavily. Luckily we had waterproof clothes.

__________________ .


            Kenan AKARSLAN                                                      

            Teacher of English                                                 

                                                                                                                                             I wish you success!

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