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İngilizce okuma dersinde düzenli olarak yaptığımız cümleyi tamamlayın etkinliğimizden hoş ve yaratıcı örnekler:
Lovely and creative examples of writing (fill in the blanks) activities from my students

1. It is easy to use a _____ .

2. I have just one _____ .
-more night

3. I think _____ knows everything about _____ .
-a doctor/medicine;illnesses
-İlber Ortaylı/history
-God/all people; me

4. Every day, I have to _____ .
-call my mother
-eat food
-drink water

5. A teacher has to _____ .
-understand his students
-give advice to students

6. Some people do not like to _____ early in the morning.
-get up
-hear the alarm clock
-wait for the bus
-eat breakfast
-wake up

7.I like to spend time with _____ .
-my cousin
-my dog
-my children

8. I like many kinds of _____ .

9. I always use the same _____ .
-phone number

10. _____ and _____ smell good.
-Flowers/Adana BTÜ
-Şırdan/Adana BTÜ (because of the garbage site around:)

11. I would like _____ .
-a drink
-more 144s (the bus to the campus)
-to go to the USA; to go home
-some money
-to have a nice day

12. Maybe _____ .
-we will finish the PREP year.
-we will pass all exams.
-I will fly one day
-you can do it
-the answer is false

13. When I want a snack, I eat _____ or _____ .
-chocolate/chips; hamburger; biscuits; cereal; sandwich; dried fruit

14. I eat _____ in bowl.
-dried fruits
-pop corn

15. A quick and easy meal for me is _____ .

16. Most of my friends _____ .
-are males
-are Turkish
-drink coffee

17. I like many different kinds of _____ .

18. I can show you a picture of _____ .
-my family
-a beautiful view

19. I would like some information about _____ because _____ .
-literature /I need to understand classics better
-pronunciation /I want to understand different accents
-politics /we are the witnesses of this period

20. People sometimes buy _____ when they do not really need to.
-a lot of shoes; clothes; a mobile phone
-edible things

21. I have plans for _____ .
-visiting different

22. I know the rules for _____ .

23. Both my mother and my father _____ .
-are my parents
-are annoying
-know my secrets
-look after their children
-usually watch TV series
-work in a company

24. I want to try to _____ .
-eat different traditional food
-learn languages

25. I think I can beat _____ .
-my fears
-Mert in chess

26. _____ around the world.
-There is air pollution
-I want to travel all
-There are a lot of hungry and poor people

27. I enjoy watching _____ .
-the wildlife
-trains 🙂
-beautiful views
-machines work 🙂
-washing machines
-girls’ fight >:8

28. People play _____ on a field.

29. Sometimes I have problems with _____ .
-learning a language
-my friends; family; siblings

30. _____ and I sometimes don’t agree about _____ .
-My wife/children’s education; shopping
-My brother/my father’s reasons
-My mom/my boyfriend’s personality

31. What happens when _____ .
-you die
-are scared
-you sleep
-you say, “No!”

32. I carry _____ in my (backpack/wallet/handbag).
-mobile phone in my back pocket
-my money in my wallet

33. I would like to collect _____ .
-bottle caps
-coloured stones
-different football team jerseys

34. It is sometimes hard for me to remember _____ .
-English words
-the things I had for dinner
-my students’ names

35. I hope to _____ tomorrow.
-use the Internet
-wash my clothes
-to go home
-to have a nice day

36. I laugh when _____ .
-I see my best friend face
-I watch Kemal Sunal films
-listen to jokes
-I’m happy
-I’m tickled

37. When I don’t understand something in English, I _____ .
-just look
-use a dictionary
-speak Turkish
-explain it with gestures
-ask my friends; teachers

38- I feel sad when I think about _____ .
-my family
-my past
-people in poor countries
-my future
-my ex-girlfriend

39- To live a happy life, you need _____ .
-a healthy diet
-to smile

40- I often _____ .
-talk to myself
-get sick
-get help from my friend

41- If I win a million dollars, I will _____ .
-travel around the world
-go to the Moon
-laugh a lot
-start a business

42- It is difficult to _____ .
-do your presentation in front of a class
-make the world peaceful after Trump
-live without your family
-climb up a mountain; a cliff
-say, “I’m sorry.”; “I love you!”; “Good bye!”
-understand girls; women; you; life
-tell the truth
-get up early

43- You should never _____ .
-give up
-lend money to your friend
-tell a lie
-hurt someone
-say never
-call your ex-boyfriend
-say “I wish…”
-look back

44- I sometimes get angry when _____ .
-my things are lost
-I get up early
-I see your face
-someone tells a lie

45- Here’s my advice: It’s better to _____ than to _____ .
-study harder/complain

46- I’m interested in learning about _____ .
-different foods and cultures
-pig meat
-the world
-new things
-computer software

47- In the future, I want to _____ .
-go to the Silicon Valley
-be famous; be known by a lot of people
-make robots
-have a good job
-travel abroad
-see peace in the world
-be a senior manager
-discover new locations
-go to the Moon
-set up my own company
-be an academician

48- Friends should _____ each other.
-share anything
-be honest with
-be thoughtful about
-not tell lies to

49- The people I’m close to are _____ .
-dead 🙂

50- It’s not safe to _____ .
-miss classes
-fly in a plane; fly a plane
-travel to Adana; Africa
-live in Adana
-use phones in traffic
-get on 144 (the local bus) alone at night
-live in a students’ house
-to be among bad people
-to sit near Setenay


Note: The beginning and endings are from the book by Linda Butler “Password 1: A Reading and Vocabulary Text, 3rd Edition, Pearson”

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