Writing task: compare and contrast cats and dogs

Write a paragraph of 150 words to compare and contrast CATs and DOGs as PETs.

(Kedi ve köpekleri karşılaştıran paragraf yazma)

Write a clear main idea sentence,

Support the main idea with at least TWO similar points and TWO different points about CATs and DOGs as PETs.

Use compare-and-contrast phrases

Dogs: better friends, loyal, teachable

Cats: easy to care for, disloyal, wild

Dogs and cats: entertaining, costly, need time and attention

1- Dogs and cats

There are a lot of similarities and differences between dogs and cats. Here are the similarities: They are both friendly and warm-hearted. In addition, dogs and cats both need entertainment and need time and attention. Cats and dogs are also costly. There are a lot of differences between them, too. Dogs are better friends than cats. You mustn’t leave dogs alone at home, but you can leave cats alone at home. In contrast, dogs are loyal. Unlike dogs, cats are not loyal. By comparison, dogs are teachable animals but cats are wild animals. That’s why I think dogs tend to be petted more than cats. To sum up, dogs and cats are very warm-hearted and need protection. Therefore we must protect them both. These animals need love and care. If I were you, I would have one of these pets now. Some people love cats and some people love dogs. Still, we have to care for both of them.

2- Cats and dogs

There are some similarities and differences between cats and dogs. First of all, people like these animals because both of them are among our best friends. However, dogs are more loyal and clever than cats and the more you pay attention to them the smarter and more loyal they get. This is because dogs are teachable animals. Cats are wild animals. They resist learning. On the other hand, cats are sociable animals. They like playing and sleeping with people. Both of them can be happy at home, however, dogs don’t like staying in the house too much because they need to walk approximately 10 kilometres per day. If people want to be friends with dogs, they should spend a lot of time with them especially by walking them on the streets. Cats are not really charming but we can say they’re lovely animals. However, cats are especially cleaner than dogs. They always clean themselves. Another point is that the food they eat is very expensive these days. Overall, cats and dogs are different and so are people. Some people may prefer to have a dog while others to have a cat.

3- Cats and Dogs

There are differences and similarities between cats and dogs. First of all, dogs are better friends than cats. They like running with you. If you cry, they may cry with you. They’re loyal and teachable. If you try to teach tricks to dogs, they can learn them easily. Probably, they can even do your housework. For example, they can bring you your daily papers. Cats, on the other hand, are disloyal and wild. When you want to teach something to cats they don’t care. Another point is that you can care for cats more easily. You do not have to walk with cats in the evenings, but dogs always need to walk outside. Otherwise, they feel stressed. However, there are some similarities, too. For instance, cats and dogs are the best entertaining animals. You will have a great time watching them play or trying to catch butterflies in your garden. On the other hand, they are costly because you need to buy special food and toys for them. Also, they need a lot of time and attention. In conclusion, they have many similarities and differences. These might be advantageous or disadvantageous when you choose them as pets. However, you can be sure that they will love you so much.

4- Dogs or Cats

People love to own animals at home. These animals are domestic animals. They are also called pets. Dogs and cats are two examples. There are many differences and similarities between dogs and cats. Firstly, I would like to write about the differences between these animals. Dogs are more friendly than cats towards people. When they see people, they get excited. They are better friends. However, cats are disloyal animals. They just eat their food and drink their water or milk. They do not behave sincerely and are not likeable. Another point is that dogs are teachable animals. Some dogs can even learn numbers. For example, they can learn to catch balls. However, cats are lazy because they always sleep and have short naps. On the other hand, there are similarities between these two animals. First of all, both of them are entertaining and like to entertain people. Dogs like to play with balls and cats like playing with similar things such as red laser lights. Moreover, these animals need time for outdoor activities and need attention such as getting fed, clean homes and health care. If you have a pet, you know your responsibilities. Overall, If I wanted to have a pet, it would be a dog, because this animal always helps people. It helps even blind people.

5- Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats have lots of similarities and differences. Dogs are better friends than cats and more teachable than cats. Dogs are very good friends for humans because they will walk and play with humans. On the other hand, we cannot walk with cats because they are not docile. They are sometimes wild and disloyal. Although we can travel with cats more easily as they are smaller and easy to carry. Let me write about the similarities between cats and dogs. Firstly, they need time for walking, playing or cleaning. Another similar point is that they are both costly because they need expensive food and healthcare. Food and healthcare are indispensable parts of having these two pets. If we want to own pets, we should bear these factors in mind. I think both are good friends. However, I prefer dogs because they are our best friends, unlike cats which are not likeable to me.

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