intermediate gramer türkçe konu anlatımı


A. PRESENT PERFECT (already, yet, ever; since vs. for; present perfect simple v. present perfect continuous
B. IF CLAUSE TYPE 1 & 2; unless= if … not; when, as soon as v. if farkı
C. FUTURE FORMS (will, be going to, present cont.)
D. COMPARISONS (-ow, -y, -ful, -ed ve comparatives; most x least; more x less; (not) as ….. as; modifier (a lot/much) + comparatives
E. RELATIVE CLAUSES (defining vs non defining) relative pronouns (who, whose, which, that) v. relative adverbs (where, when); where= at/on/in which; who, which, that cümleden atılması
F. MODALS (must, have to, need to, don’t have to, don’t need to, mustn’t, can’t, should, shouldn’t)
G. PAST CONTINUOUS (uzun v. kısa olaylar, tekrar eden olaylar, devamlılık)
H. PAST PERFECT SIMPLE (when, before, after, by + …)
İ. PASSIVES (present, past, present perfect, past perfect, future ve modal passives)
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