speaking practice with Whitney ile Educall’da ingilizce pratik

Educall programının bize sunduğu destekle üçüncü telefon görüşmemizi de gerçekleştirdik. Whitney ile günün konusunu tartıştık: statü endişesi (status anxiety)

Whitney’nin güzel yorumu:
Dear Kenan,

Thank you for your time and participation in our class today. It was my immense pleasure and joy having to meet you and to exchange a couple of words on our daily subject. Meritocracy as a social rule and status anxiety, as a result, is a prominent issue in our modern society. Although we couldn’t find an exact solution against the anxiety, we were able to elaborate our ideas on it. Thank you for your diligence, and for being such obedient student today. 🙂 I’m looking forward to our next conversation. Until then, take care.


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