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TASK: “Economic growth is more important than protecting the environment.”

  1. Environment or economic growth

Many governments think that economic growth is more important than protecting the environment. In their opinion, countries become more powerful with the economy. However, it seems that governments forget that all people in the world have to live in nature. Day today, governments damage the environments badly. Also, some people share the same idea with their governments but the majority view is that this is not the only way to have an effective economic system in a country. Governments can boost their economy and protect the environment at the same time. In other words, countries may improve both environmentally and economically. The result of a survey shows that most countries with the good economic condition also protect the environment. To summarize, although some might think giving up on nature is the best way to grow economically, a lot more think that this is big damage to the environment and consequently for people’s lives.

2. Economic Growth

Many governments think that economic growth is more important than protecting the environment. I agree with this statement because I want to have a powerful country. For example, the USA is a powerful country that has industrial facilities and energy resources. My country has them too but we do not know how to use it in my opinion, if governments search for it, they will be able to find petroleum. Perhaps, a lot of trees will be cut down, however, people living there will be able to work. When people earn money, the country will develop economically. In addition, our country has various energy resources such as solar or wind energy. Some environmentalists say petroleum should not be used because it is very dangerous for nature. I do not agree with this argument because we need energy and power to survive. To sum up, if you want a powerful country with a powerful economy, you have to use the energy you have. I believe governments with a rich economy can protect the environment, too.

3. Economy or Environment

Some economists think that economic growth is more important than protecting the environment. Economic thinkers and some presidents only focus on increasing the economic figures. I disagree with this stance for two reasons. Firstly, protecting the environment is very important for our survival and if we do not protect it, we will have to pay for it. It could be through either air or water pollution and natural disasters. According to new research, humans do not really appreciate the value of the environment. They continue cutting trees or polluting the air but, in the future, it will be too late when they see the inevitable end approaching. Secondly, the economy is not everything and if we focus only on economic growth, we will lose our health as well as the beautiful natural environment which appears to be selfish. In my opinion, we should see the beauty of nature and protect our environment. Only then, we can think of economic growth.

4. Economic or Environmental Survival?

Nowadays, with the increase in population, people depend on the environment more. However, many countries think that economic growth is more important than protecting the environment. I disagree with this stance because the environment has a vital role in human life. Especially, it plays a critical role in the growth of children who need a natural environment and habitat to grow up in a healthy way. If there is a clean atmosphere, children can breathe clean air. A polluted atmosphere may lead to different health problems such as breathing disorders, lung problems or cancer. In conclusion, I think many governments should change their view because the environment is the most important thing to protect for our survival.

5. Economy and Environment

I believe that if we protect the environment and green areas we will live for a long time. From an economic perspective, if governments protect the environment, I believe that they will have a lot of opportunities. A country with lots of natural views and resources will attract many tourists. This is only one of the reasons to protect the environment. Destroying the environment also means the destruction of the homes of many animals. According to some experts’ view, many animals will disappear a hundred years later. What is worse, some animals have already disappeared. From a social point of view, green areas always serve as a place to socialise. For example, people meet others and children have a lot of game areas to play with their friends. As a result, although many governments think that economic growth is more important than protecting the environment, it is more important to keep natural resources alive for our own good.

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