yazma görevi: göçmenlik ve etkileri

  1. Immigrants and their effects

Recently, increased freedom of movement has meant that more people are now living in foreign countries than previously. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this for host countries. This essay will argue the positive economic and cultural consequences of migration.

Initially, these migrations have economic benefits. Immigrants set up new companies and contribute to the financial problems of the host country. In addition, these new companies provide a job for native people. Thus, the unemployment rate in the country decreases. For example, new language schools are opened and there are new job opportunities thanks to immigrants. Furthermore, as the population increases in the country, the labour force becomes more powerful and countries’ with increasing labour force have financial superiority over other countries. For these reasons, immigrants’ movements are beneficial economically to a country.

Secondly, countries that receive immigration are enriched culturally. For example, people build better relationships and cultural respect increases. In these countries when new language schools are open immigrants adopt and adapt to the host culture more easily. Besides, with these language schools, immigrants contribute to cultural diversity.

In conclusion, even though there are perhaps some negative consequences, migrations primarily have a positive impact on the country as well as the world. Migrations have great economic benefits as well as social benefits such as bringing people together culturally. This will help people build a world full of peace.

2. Immigration problems

Increased freedom of movement has meant that more people are now living foreign countries than previously. There are some advantageous aspects of living in foreign countries for immigrants. However, this essay will argue the negative consequences of living abroad for the host country; one the problems about employment and the other extra pressure on resources.

First of all, if we live in a foreign country, we will bring a lot of problems for the host country. For example, if companies start to employ cheaper labour force, unemployment rate will be higher for native workers in the host country.

People living in foreign countries can bring economic benefits for host country. For example, they may cater the need for manual labour such as fruit picking; however, this is not a totally correct view because there will be extra pressure on resources such as food and water. For example, there may be no room in schools or there may be many negative effects in the field of health.

In addition, people moving to foreign countries bring together some problems for the host culture. They face cultural clashes as they cannot adopt to other cultures. In my opinion, this is an important point which should be considered as it affects the immigrants badly as well.

In conclusion, these problems have come up as a result of freedom of movement from one country to another. Immigrants may cater for the need for manual labour but there will be more pressure on water and food supply. Moreover, they may pose a threat from the cultural aspect. While immigrants may have a better life for themselves, they bring up challenges for people living in the host country.

3. Immigration and Host Countries

Countries need labour force for the development of their economy. People who cannot find a job in their own country go to foreign countries and have a more comfortable life than they have in their own countries. In this essay, two advantages and one disadvantage of the situation has been emphasized.

The First Advantage is that I host country can afford more workers because foreign people work for less money. In other words, more work for less money. In this way, the economy of the host country grows. Second advantage is that this situation provides more cultural diversity. People, result, can look at the world through a wider window thanks to this cultural diversity.

On the other hand, moving to another country may result in the immigrants’ loss of their identity, which results in the loss of cultures. However, this is not the most serious problem. More workers in a country may mean less money or job opportunities for domestic workers. They will have to suffer from unemployment. Native residents of the country will, therefore, be unhappy.

We can see that working in or moving to a foreign country has many advantages and disadvantages. In fact, people move to another country without knowing possible positive or negative consequences.

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