yazma görevi: reklamlar olmalı mı?

Are ads important?

I will write about first task statement. I don’t agree with this statement. I think, advertisements should be allowed on TV. I will explain causes why I don’t agree with this statement.

First of all, television is a device that use everybody. So when company show their products, they are allowed about their products ad on TV. Cuz this way more easier than other ways for meeting a product to people.

Secondly, some ass can give you information about one thing and they can cause ours opinions changing, maybe, so some ads are not unnecessary. If we don’t know anything about a product we can learn about the product things to ask. We even just want to learn to you too we watch TV we have to stay to learn about a product.

Thirdly, add affect our mood. Such as some ads can be fun. When we see this ad we can be happy. Like this app.

Finally, i’m a person that doesn’t watch TV. I see a nap I’m interested in it as a result I think advertisement allowed on TV.



Television is very important for people. Nowadays, many people watch TV a lot. They watch TV over six or seven hours. Televisions help to inform current affairs, they have negative effects for people. A great number of people thinking watch advertisements i’m serious. I agree with them because of the fact that people included what we buy, we develop brain and what we eat.

Firstly, many young people and children watch advertisements, do you want to have them. For example, people like watching clothes advertisements because of the fact that they look like actors. Weaver, they are very expensive so some families can’t afford to buy them.

Secondly, the age of children is very important to improve brain. Children. TV a lot. In this way, children play educational games or make a puzzle with their family. According to some researchers, age of children watching TV nearly six hours. Also, japan’s. Research it. Find a lake, nowadays, most people tend to consume junk food. Fast food and cake. These lead to obesity. Bay State cruises what is immense. Winston’s, people wash Burger King’s advertisements so they can seem it. Also, are interested in children because of the fact that it produces creativity toys for children.

To sum up, advertisements have negative effects phone on life humans with that behavior to children. They depend on advertisements karma they want to improve. To watch TV needed 2 hours everyday. Also, communicate with people to negative effect.


Advertisement on TV

I think advertisement is too necessary on TV because a lot of people by different materials for advertisement, like snacks and people change cell phone company. Advertisements are very colorful, exciting and different. Paragraph first, advertisements have a lot of options in color. For example, chrome color matte color, metallic color. I think a letter colors in one screen very amazing. Example, good company red orange and yellow. Luxury car company use crumb white and metal black. Cell phone companies use metallic colors. You paragraph second, advertisements are very exciting. If you sell a technological material, you have exciting an amazing advertisements. People 80% always watch TV. Turkish people don’t like advertisements in the past. But now it looks watch advertisements. Because if your treatments are better than and more exciting. Pantagraph finally, 13 months are too different. To watch TV and change another Channel. He or she shock considerate. PCC a different company and he she watch all of them. Tesla epicest electrical car company. They have a different and extreme advertisements. You like that.

As a result, advertisements should be allowed on TV, achievements are necessary and important. Television editor always show different advertisements.


Advertisements shouldn’t be allowed on TV is a much-debated these days. Some argue that advertisements are harmful on our society. However, there are a lot of people. Contrary. My belief is that advertisements are beneficial because the appearance has brought many Innovation for our society.

First of all, people earn money by advertisements. People work for job in this field. Android device yourself in this field even this field in able to learn a lot of money. So, advertisements the most fort Worth.

Secondly people want to show their new product because they want to make more profit. Search assignments leads to that sea of more people.

Furthermore, some of the richest man in able to imagine for example advertisement positive effects in world of children picture ability of children improve. It affects success of children at school. Makes their more extroverted people, confidence, more intelligent, more creative. Children gain different perspectives.

In conclusion, advertisements impact most of people in the society some argue that it is harmful While others claim it is beneficial. YouTube which I set point, I think that it is beneficial. It seems to me, it’s best to allow rather than not allow.


The best classes

Which one is the best for University students? Some people believe that University students should be required to attend classes. I’m afraid that I can’t agree with this statement. In my opinion, classes should be optional for students. There are many reasons why classes should be optimal optional for students. For the better education, the better communication and more. Self confidence.

Firstly, I want to share my ideas about education. Our schools and our classes affect students lives in many ways both negatively and positively. I strongly believe that if classes are optional, steers will be free and quite Independence. Class is the most important thing in a school. Classes have to be highly qualified for better education. Facilities are very important for better education. That’s why classes optional for students. Telegraph take an elite classes best way to communicate. If classes are optional, students can make friends easily and they might have to build new relationships and friendships. Holiday, in every family, family members are far from each other and students turn anything about their families. Students are becoming anti-social. What I think is that classes should be optional because of a better communication.

Last but not least, if classes are optional, stevens become more self confident. It is hard to predict the future but I believe that students will be smart and free if classes are optional. Students are our future.

In conclusion, as we can understand from all these reasons, classes should be optional for students. Classes after facilities with all necessary advantages. The best thing is that better education and better communication. That’s why classes should be optional for students.



Nowadays, growth in advertisements on TV. Advertisements very boring for people. So, sometimes bad affect people’s life. So advertisements turn on TV. Are there advertisements should be allowed on TV?

First of all, studies have shown that many people dance. Set some films and series are not watched until the end because of advertisements as they are really long.

Secondly, according to the majority advertisement the negative effects more than benefits on teams because some advertisements main topic is violence so advertisement make aggressive teens. A paragraph finally some advertisements not saying the real life. Many people believe that birth dismiss. Are disappointed.

In conclusion, directions Maps affect people people’s and teens life badly. Also they are very boring. I believe that if advertisements are shorter, people will be happier. So I think advertisements shouldn’t be allowed on TV.


Advertisements and their effects

Watching TV is one of the most important things in our life. TV is used as a source of news and entertainment. Many people watch TV regularly and this habit is increasing especially among children. Some people argue that watching ads on TV is beneficial for children while other people claim that it harms children. I believe that watching ads on TV is harmful for children because it might lead to have problems, they can be exposed to bad content my feet have bad effects on their academic successes.

First of all, can children spend a lot of time in front of the television, it causes berries health problems. For example, children become more inactive. They do not get out a lot., adult unhealthy and unconscious eating habits. As a result, obesity in children develops such as diabetes and it might lead to eye problems too.

Furthermore, children watch too much too many ads on TV and it closes she bad cam. For instance, junk food ads rude language add and violent ads. This causes bad habits in children, children use bad language learning about unhealthy nutrition and learn violence.

In addition, children too much watching ads on TV cost thank in on their social life school life children difficult to learn topic not do your homework and not focus on license because of watching ads on TV.

In conclusion, because of all these reasons watching ads on TV is harmful for children, for a limited and have a good contact do ads on TV, so very educational and entertaining activity for children.


TV advertisements

Advertisements have important effects on people than children’s body in mind, if advertisements are colorful, and children might get interested in them. People think that advertisements are factors positively. My opinion, advertisements affect people negatively so advertisement shouldn’t be allowed.

First of all, I think the greatest badass facts about advertisement is thinking. Many people who are interested in watching advertisement think anything. That’s why they have no idea about many things.

in addition, if people watch all of them they might have health problems because if people are interested in them they might watch TV a lot a lot.

Finally, in my opinion, people who watch advertisements don’t have enough time for their entertainment because if people are not interested in entertainment they will have many time for themselves and maybe they will be happier than before.

To sum up, your judgments affect us many ways. I’m home, advertisements have positive effect but on the other hand, advertisements people negatively. That’s why I think people should not watch them and advertisements shouldn’t be allowed on TV.

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