ingilizce speaking: açık uçlu soru bankası #5

In this article, you can find 10 mixed topic questions in each group (17 groups and 170 questions in total)


1. What jobs will be done by people in the future? Why?

2. What are some advantages and disadvantages of working while you study?

3. Does beauty affect one’s success in life?

4. What might be some difficulties of being a famous person?

5. Describe your ideal home.

6. What are some important things to have in a modern home?

7. Should we build more parks or shopping malls? Why do you think so?

8. Would you like your children to grow up in the city or in the countryside? Why?

9. How has the Internet changed the way you live?

10. What technology couldn’t you live without?


1. Which country or countries would you like to visit after the pandemic? Why?

2. Could you live in another country for the rest of your life?

3. Do you think social media has more positive or negative effects on our lives?

4. Do you prefer to socialize in small or large groups? Why?

5. What do you think are some good manners?

6. Can manners affect your success in life? How?

7. Have you ever been on a diet? If so, how long did you stay on it?

8. Do you think being on a diet can be dangerous? Why / Why not?

9. Do you think online education should replace face-to-face education?

10. When you were younger, did you enjoy your time at school? Why / Why not?


1. Do you enjoy learning about other countries’ customs?

2. Are customs becoming more international?

3. How has the way we shop changes over the last 20 years?

4. Do you think advertising a new product or service can increase its sales? Why? How?

5. Why do people eat at restaurants instead of just eating at home?

6. Is it important for restaurants to have good service? Or is good food enough?

7. Why do people sometimes fail to learn a foreign language?

8. Do you think it is possible to learn English in one year?

9. What do you spend money on?

10. If you could change your spending habit, what would you change?


1. In your opinion, what’s the most dangerous form of transportation? Why?

2. Is parking a problem in Turkey? Why?

3. What do you like about your culture? Think about different customs, holidays, festivals etc.

4. What do you think is important when visiting another country?

5. Are organized people more successful? Do you think they are happier? Why / Why not?

6. How do you deal with stress and problems of daily life?

7. How can we prevent crimes?

8. What are some things that are illegal in Turkey?

9. What are the benefits of getting an education?

10. Will robots replace teachers? Why / Why not?


1. Do you enjoy shopping? What do you buy most often?

2. When you do prefer to pay with cash, and when do you prefer to pay with credit card?

3. Are you allergic to any food? If yes, what are you allergic to?

4. Do you think a vegetarian diet is better than a diet that includes meat? Why / Why not?

5. Have you ever done anything for a charity? If yes, what was it? Would you like to be a volunteer?

6. Tell us about a possession (thing) which is very important for you.

7. How can technology help improve the performance of factory workers?

8. Do you think robots will take away people’s jobs in the future?

9. What kind of problems do big cities have?

10. What can be done to improve our cities (the quality of life, services, infrastructure)?


1. What makes someone a good friend?

2. If you could be a different / famous person for one day, who would you be and why?

3. Do you think you have good speaking / communication skills? Are they important for a student?

4. What advice would you give to a new University student who has just started their prep year?

5. How can technology improve our homes? Think about technological devices, home appliances and systems used in modern homes.

6. How have buildings changed in your hometown?

7. What kind of things do you enjoy doing with your friends or alone?

8. If you had a chance to go abroad, where would you go? Why?

9. How can we reduce traffic problems?

10. Do you think city centres are attractive to live in? Why / Why not?


1. What kind of jobs will be popular in the future? Why?

2. What things are important to employees when they look for a job?

3. Describe your eating habits. Would you consider changing your eating habits?

4. Have you ever been on a diet? What kind of food should we eat to stay healthy?

5. How does summer weather affect people’s mood?

6. Is there a type of weather you really dislike? Why?

7. Who do you think cause more accidents: slow drivers or fast drivers?

8. Talk about different forms of transport in your city. Think about the cost, how fast and convenient they are.

9. Are you addicted to your phone?

10. Why do you think people do a digital detox?


1. Why do people do dangerous jobs? Can you give examples of dangerous jobs?

2. What kind of skills and qualities do people working in business and technology need nowadays?

3. Tell us about your past and present habits.

4. Which good habit do you think would be the most difficult to develop? Why?

5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to save money?

6. Have you ever bought something and immediately regretted it? What was it? Why?

7. What are the main environmental problems in your country? How can we solve them?

8. Would you like to drive an electric car? What are the advantages?

9. What is the most difficult part about learning a new language?

10. Would it be easier if English was the only spoken language around the world? Why / Why not?


1. What is the most dangerous thing you can do while you’re driving?

2. What do you think about driverless cars?

3. Why is learning about other cultures important?

4. Do you think children should look after their parents when they get old?

5. What is the biggest risk to our health today? What is causing this problem and how can we solve it?

6. What food are good for your health?

7. Should children be allowed to use social media?

8. How has technology changed society?

9. Do you think men make better bosses than women? Why / Why not?

10. Are there different expectations for sons and daughters?


1. What type of food do you prefer: homemade or restaurant food?

2. Why eating too much ready-made food is bad for our health?

3. Is it easy to find a job in your country?

4. Which job would you never do? Give reasons.

5. What skills do you feel you have learnt this year?

6. Why do you think so many people want to learn and speak English?

7. Is there anything that makes you angry about drivers and cyclists in your country?

8. What are the disadvantages of public transportation?

9. Do you usually socialize with your closest friends or with many different people?

10. Who is your closest friend and why do you have a good relationship with him/her?


1. Do you prefer watching films at home or in the cinema?

2. What positive effects do foreign films have on people in Turkey? Think about culture, language, social relations.

3. What sports are the most dangerous, and why do you think people still do them?

4. What kind of physical exercise would you recommend for people who dislike sports?

5. What would you do if you were asked to work abroad for a year?

6. What are your future plans?

7. How has technology changed our life?

8. Can technology solve all of the world’s problems?

9. Is family in your culture important?

10. What kind of family would you like to have in the future?


1. Do you think it is more important to make a lot of money or to enjoy your job?

2. What are some jobs that you think would be interesting?

3. What are some good manners in your culture?

4. What do you think of people who keep posting photos of their daily lives on social media sites?

5. Do you think cheap restaurants always serve bad food?

6. Why do you think obesity is becoming such a problem in the United States and throughout the world?

7. What are some of the most famous cities in the world? What makes them famous?

8. What problems did people have 10 years ago, but don’t have now?

9. Do you think technological advances are always good? Or can they sometimes be bad and harmful? Explain.

10. How do you think face-to-face communication differs from communication using computers?


1. As online becomes more popular, can shopping malls still be successful?

2. If you had a million Turkish Lira, what would you buy and why?

3. What is the weather like in your city in different seasons?

4. What are some difficulties of living in extremely cold or hot places?

5. How do you usually feel before an exam?

6. How would you describe your life during the pandemic?

7. What do you do to stay healthy?

8. When you were a child, were fast food restaurants as popular as they are now? Why / Why not?

9. Do you think men make better employees than women?

10. According to some studies, men earn more money than women. Do you think it is fair?


1. Are you afraid of any animals or insects? What are they?

2. Is it possible to become better friends with an animal than a human? Why / Why not?

3. Which sports have you played? Which one did you enjoy most?

4. Why do people participate in extreme sports?

5. Do you think young people are addicted to their technological devices?

6. Do you agree that depending on technology makes people less social? Why / Why not?

7. Do you prefer living with your family or living on your own?

8. Which do you think is better: renting a house or buying one? Why?

9. What do you think about the relationship of people who meet online?

10. How many close friends do you think a person can have?


1. What are the most useful / important languages you know? Why?

2. Do you think learning foreign languages should be required? Why / Why not?

3. What can we do to make our cities safer?

4. Which one do you prefer: living in the city or living in the countryside? Why?

5. What is the most popular entertainment among teenagers in your country?

6. Are children spending too much time with technology in their free time (e.g. phones, tablets, computers, TV)? Are there any negative effects?

7. Is physical activity an important part of a healthy lifestyle?

8. What are some bad habits that many young Turkish people have?

9. What kind of transportation forms do you think will be popular / common in the future?

10. Speaking of current traffic problems, what time of the day is the public transportation system very busy? Why? How can this problem be solved?


1. Is knowing English important for a working professional in Turkey?

2. Do you believe all children should learn foreign languages at school? Why / Why not?

3. Do you enjoy hot or cold temperatures more?

4. What do you think about the weather in Turkey?

5. If you could change one thing about your culture, what would it be?

6. Do you ever argue about phones and other electronic devices with your family?

7. Are there any foods that you didn’t like as a child that you eat now?

8. Would you consider changing your eating habit? Why / Why not?

9. Is it easy for you to make friends?

10. Do you think famous people are happier than other people? Why / Why not?


1. Would you prefer to work freelance or for a multinational company? Why / Why not?

2. What kind of job would suit most to your personality? Why?

3. What are some reasons that some animal species dies out?

4. What might happen in the future if we don’t protect the natural world?

5. Do you think people will live longer or shorter in the future? Why?

6. Who do you think should take care of old people?

7. Please describe a healthy daily routine.

8. What did you use to do in the past that you don’t do now?

9. What do you think is the safest way of transportation? Why?

10. Do you think traffic penalties are efficient in your country? How can we prevent traffic accidents?

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