ingilizce speaking: açık uçlu soru bankası #6

In this article, you can find 10 mixed topic questions in each group (Total 180 Qs in 18 groups):

Speaking Questions Group 1

1. What are some advantages of taking online course? Why?

2. Do you think it is easier to learn as a child or as an adult? Why?

3. How have buildings changed in your hometown?

4. Where would you like to live in the future and why?

5. How are cultures becoming more international and more similar? What causes this and what are the


6. What difficulties can people living in a foreign country experience?

7. Was healthcare better or worse in the past? Please explain.

8. What is healthcare like for old and poor people in Turkey?

9. How can governments help reduce food waste?

10. How could we encourage people to eat more healthily?

Speaking Questions Group 2

1. If you were fired from your job, would you set up your own business or apply for another job?

2. Which do you think is more important for a company to be successful: advertising its products on social

media or improving the quality of its products? Explain why.

3. Is there anything that makes you angry about drivers and cyclists in your country?

4. What are some disadvantages of public transportation?

5. Describe a time when you failed at something. What did you learn from this situation?

6. At what age should young people leave their parents’ home and start living without them? Would you

like to live alone?

7. How is social life different in cities and village? Please explain and give examples.

8. Do you think Turkish people feel there’s growing generation gap between them and the generation of

their parents and grandparents? What are the differences?

9. Why are sports teams so important for some people? Can team competition cause problems?

10. What do you think of sportsmen making so much money? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Speaking Questions Group 3

1. What type of person would be a good engineer? Why? (Think about education, skills, personal


2. Talk about a person in business, technology or science who you think is very successful.

3. What is considered as bad manners in Turkish culture? Can you give examples?

4. When someone is rude in a public place, do you say something or stay silent?

5. In what ways technology is changing the ways we communicate?

6. What things would you never let technology replace?

7. Would you prefer to spend holidays in the mountains or on the beach? Would you go alone or with your


8. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected people’s travelling experiences? Do people travel more or

less? How do they travel? Think about high ticket prices, restrictions, fear of infection, remote work etc.

9. In your opinion, will shopping habits be different in the future? How?

10. Do you think people can become addicted to shopping?

Speaking Questions Group 4

1. How could Turkish education system be improved? What benefits would these things bring?

2. Should schools teach practical topics such as polite table manners? Why / Why not?

3. Why is the quality of life better in some cities than others?

4. Are driverless cars better than regular cars driven by humans? If yes, why and how? If not, why not?

5. What advice would you give to a foreigner visiting Turkey? Think about places, manners, traditions etc.

6. What is the attitude to clothes and fashion in your country? Can clothes affect the way you feel or other

people treat you?

7. Are you allergic to any food? If yes, what are you allergic to? If not, do you know anyone who is?

8. Do you think a vegetarian diet is better than a diet that includes meat? Why / Why not?

9. How might a student’s sleep pattern affect their performance?

10. What jobs can you think of that have to work at night? Are there any advantages to working at night?

Would you like to do it?

Speaking Questions Group 5

1. How can we encourage people to eat more healthily?

2. What is the future of food production? What type of food will people consume in the future? Predict.

3. What type of colleague would you enjoy working with? Describe his personality.

4. Do you think we are born with our personalities, or we develop them because of what happens to us?

5. What is more important – customer service or a quality product? Why?

6. What products and services do people in your country complain about?

7. What are the disadvantages to having a car?

8. Would you prefer to live in a really old historical city, or a really new modern one? Why?

9. Do you think online friends are better than real-life friends? Why / Why not?

10. How has technology changed people’s lifestyles?

Speaking Questions Group 6

1. What do you recommend to others to improve their English outside class?

2. What kind of challenges do language learners experience in Turkey?

3. Do you think robots could ever become teachers? Why / Why not?

4. What do you think should be taught in schools that currently is not? (e.g. communication skills,

managements skills etc.)

5. Is social media harmful to our lives? If yes, how? / If not, why not?

6. Are social networking sites for people who are not good at meeting people face to face?

7. What do you think about the healthcare system in your country? How can it be improved?

8. What would you advise a friend who has just caught a cold?

9. Is renewable energy our future? Why / Why not?

10. In your opinion, what is the biggest cause of environmental pollution?

Speaking Questions Group 7

1. How will technology help people to live healthier and better-quality lives e.g. after being badly injured?

2. What are the disadvantages of technology?

3. Which 2 facilities are the most important for a University campus to have and why?

4. What type of housing (accommodation) would you choose as a college student? Why?

5. What kind of personality characteristics are best for running a business?

6. What kinds of people do you get along with?

7. Do you usually socialize with your closest friends or with many different people?

8. Who is your closest friend and why do you have a good relationship with him/her?

9. What is something you used to be very afraid of, but you aren’t anymore? How did you overcome this


10. Have you experienced positive peer pressure?

Speaking Questions Group 8

1. How many close friends do you think a person can have?

2. Do you agree that the Internet helps to keep up friendships?

3. What do you think are some advantages and disadvantages of shopping online?

4. How will shopping habits change in the future?

5. Why should we protect the world’s forests and oceans? Why are they in danger?

6. 100 years from now, how different do you think the natural world will be?

7. What are the best ways to look for a job?

8. Is the job market in your country growing?

9. Tell us about a time you got really excited. When and where was it? What happened?

10. Are computers making our ability to remember better or worse? Give examples.

Speaking Questions Group 9

1. How can technology change our homes? Think about technological devices, home appliances and

systems used in modern homes.

2. In your opinion, at what age should children get a mobile phone? Give reasons.

3. Can you predict what transportation will be like in the future? Think about the type of vehicles, roads,

cost, safety, the environment.

4. What is the most popular form of transport for international travel? Will it be different in the future?

5. Is it difficult for people without a university education to get good jobs where you live?

6. Which is more important: the skills you learn in school or in real life? Explain.

7. What are the benefits of doing sports regularly?

8. Is watching sports a waste of time? Why / Why not?

9. In what ways does tourism harm the environment? Give examples.

10. Is renewable energy our future? Why / Why not?

Speaking Questions Group 10

1. What are some causes of air pollution? What are some harmful effects? Think about health, animals, the


2. Is there too much trash in the world? Why? Do you think it’s a global problem and what can be done to

reduce the amount of trash and waste?

3. Are customs and traditions important for Turkish people? Why / Why not?

4. How do young people in your country behave differently from older people? Give examples.

5. Are young people addicted to social media? Give reasons.

6. In your opinion, is social media the best way of communication and entertainment? Why / Why not?

Give examples.

7. Should people live in extreme places? Why / Why not?

8. How does weather affect our daily life? Give examples.

9. What are the improvements that the local government has been making in your city recently? Give


10. How can our cities become greener, cleaner and more comfortable to live in? Give examples.

Speaking Questions Group 11

1. Do you think it is impossible to accept another culture as your own? Why / Why not?

2. How do technology and tourism change customs and traditions of a culture?

3. In your opinion, are young people interested in protecting nature?

4. What can we do to protect endangered species?

5. How is social life different in cities and in the countryside? Explain.

6. According to some people, a person’s success is a direct result of the way they were brought up.

What do you think?

7. How can travelling help us understand the world better? Explain.

8. Do you think that employees have enough holiday time in Turkey? Why / Why not*

9. Should everyone have a car? Give reasons.

10. How can we reduce the number of cars in the city centres? Give examples.

Speaking Questions Group 12

1. How can we encourage people to eat more healthily?

2. Is it important to know how food is made? Why / Why not?

3. Is Artificial Intelligence more helpful or dangerous? Explain and give examples.

4. How have technological advances affected education?

5. Why is learning English so important nowadays? Explain.

6. Do you think foreign language education should start as early as possible, or it is ok to start later? Why?

7. What are the benefits of sharing a dorm with a foreign student? Explain.

8. Is it possible to live in a house without electricity, home appliances and electronics? Why / Why not?

9. Is it important to learn how to save money? Why / Why not?

10. How do you think money helps make us happy? Explain.

Speaking Questions Group 13

1. Should university education be free? Why / Why not?

2. Does a university degree guarantee further success in career and life? Why / Why not?

3. Are first-born children natural leaders? Why / Why not?

4. In what way has your personality changed during the pandemic? Why has it changed?

5. Is customer service in Turkey good? If yes, please give examples. / If not, how can it be improved?

6. What do you think about outdoor advertisements in your hometown?

7. Is learning about customs and traditions in other countries important? Why / Why not?

8. Do you think your country is losing its culture in any way? How?

9. Why is it important to eat meals at the right time?

10. If you had to choose between junk food and your health? Which would you go for?

Speaking Questions Group 14

1. Do you think toys need to be separated by gender? Why / Why not?

2. Do you believe in gender stereotypes? If yes, give examples. If not, why?

3. What kind of measures can be taken in your country to prevent traffic accidents?

4. Do you think city governments should encourage public transportation more? How?

5. Is it easy to learn a foreign language? Why / Why not?

6. How do you think the world would be different, if there was only one language?

7. How does our sleep pattern affect our health?

8. Do you think that computers might be bad for people’s health? In what way?

9. In the future, what will robots be able to do that humans do? Give examples.

10. Would you like to have your own business? What do you think would be the biggest challenges?

Speaking Questions Group 15

1. How do you think parents feel about their adult children living at home?

2. In your opinion, how many generations should live together? Why?

3. Think about your educational background and Turkish education system. What would you change if you

were given a chance?

4. Should University students live independently and not with their parents? Why / Why not?

5. Is weather becoming more extreme? Do you see evidence of climate change in the world?

6. Why should people change the weather forecast while planning a holiday?

7. What do you think about the idea of urban gardens in cities? What are their advantages and / or


8. Is the capital city of a country always that country’s best city? Why / Why not? Give examples.

9. What kind of skills should a successful businessman or businesswoman have?

10. Is it possible to change a hobby into a career? How?

Speaking Questions Group 16

1. Do you think it is more important to make a lot of money or to enjoy your job?

2. What are some jobs that you think would be boring?

3. Should governments focus more on saving the Earth or exploring space?

4. Does recycling help protect the environment? In what ways? Give examples.

5. How has the Internet changed the way you live? Explain.

6. What are the negative effects of spending too much time with technology on children? Give examples.

7. How do parents raise children in your country?

8. Do you think more adults will live with their parents in the future? Why / Why not?

9. What is a smart home? What kinds of technology do they usually have?

10. What are some disadvantages to living in an apartment for families?


Speaking Questions Group 17

1. Which would you rather spend your money on – a wonderful house or wonderful holidays? Why?

2. What do you think houses in the future will be like?

3. Should girls and boys be brought up differently? Why?

4. Do you think women panic more in stressful situations?

5. Should cities have more parking so people can use their cars within the city centers? Why / Why not?

6. What is the best way to deal with traffic problems in a city?

7. Do you think your parents ate healthier food at your age than you do? How were their eating habits and

diet different?

8. Do eating habits affect how long a person will live? Why / Why not?

9. How important is it to be able to speak English in your country?

10. Which do you think is most important: learning the grammar of a language well or trying to use the

language in real situations? Why?

Speaking Questions Group 18

1. What are the qualities of a good driver?

2. How could the number of accidents on the roads be reduced?

3. Are certain careers in your country dominated by men or women? If so, why do you think this is?

4. Which is more important- education or experience? Explain why.

5. Have you ever considered studying abroad? If yes, what country would you like to go to? If not, why?

6. While studying abroad would you prefer to live in a dorm, stay with a host family or find your own

apartment? Explain why.

7. Do you think that vegetarians are more or less healthy than meat eaters? Why?

8. What do you think about the idea that advertising and sale of junk food to children should be banned?

9. Should cars be banned from city centers? What do you think the effects of such a ban would be?

10. What little things do you think you could do to help protect the environment?

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