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A Short History of English Literature


00:10 Chapter 0. Introduction: Classical Period (1200 B.C.-440 A.D.: Homeric Period)

00:20 Greek Period

00:30 Classical Roman Period

00:40 Patristic Roman Period

00:50 Chapter I. The Anglo-Saxon Period=The Old English (The Age of Settlement: 440/455-1066——–600-700 dark ages) Social Background and Literature

02:00 Chapter II. Anglo-Norman Period Then the flowering of The Middle English Period (1066-1485) Social Background and Literature

04:10 Chapter III. English Renaissance (1453-1660)

a. Elizabethan 04:50

b. Jacobean (James I) 05:00

c. Charles I 05:10

d. Caroline 05:20

e. Commonwealth 05:30

f. Charles II Social Background and Literature

07:40 Chapter IV. The Period of Revolution and Restoration (1660-1798) (= Neoclassical period= Englightenment (Age of Reason/Sense/Science/Logic)

08:00 The Restoration Era;

08:10 The Augustan Age;

08:31 the Age of Sensibility (Colonial Period in America) Social Background and Literature

09:42 Chapter V. The Period of Enlightenment and Classicism (the 18th century) Social Background and Literature

09:52 Chapter VI. The Romantic Period (± 1800 – ± 1850) Social Background and Literature

10:31 Chapter VII. Critical Realistic Period (VICTORIAN± 1850 – ± 1900) Social Background and Literature

11:22 Chapter VIII. The Modern Period (the 20th century) Social Background and Literature

Each chapter includes two parts:

1. Social Background

2. Literature (Important Names; Genres…)

Some periods are divided into sub-periods (eg. Chapter III: Elizabethan, Jacobean, Charles I, Caroline, Commonwealth, Charles II)

The words with an * have extra information in the following slides.

This is the most comprehensive summary I have prepared about English Literature. Still, it is not guaranteed that all the information here is correct or comprehensive enough.

I believe it will be a great help in your studies.


The rar file also includes:

ages of British literature in pictures altogether (word document)

figures of speech (word document)

Literary Genres with examples and important terms (word document)

literary terms with examples (word document)


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