A poem: cry over spilt milk: boşuna üzülmek

Chat GPT wrote a poem about the English idiom ‘cry over spilt milk’.

Chat GPT’nin yazdığı ‘cry over spilt milk’ şiiri.

When milk spills upon the floor,

It’s natural to feel upset and sore.

But there’s no use in shedding tears,

Or dwelling on your mistakes and fears.

For crying over spilt milk is in vain,

It won’t undo what’s been done again.

Instead, pick yourself up and try,

To fix the problem and not to cry.

Mistakes are part of life, it’s true,

And we all make them, me and you.

But the key is to learn and grow,

To move forward and let it go.

So when life spills your milk, don’t despair,

Take a deep breath, and try to repair.

For crying over spilt milk is in vain,

And only causes unnecessary pain.

Here is my cartoon about the idiom:


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