Writing Task: Tell about a time you had a problem when travelling

Task: Write about a journey where you had a problem.

Use the following notes:

The title must be “A Bad Journey”.

Paragraph 1

When was the journey? Where were you going? Who with? Why?

Paragraph 2 What problem did you have? What happened?

Paragraph 3 What happened in the end?

You can use the following structures:

This happened last …/ a few months/ years ago; The first part of the journey was…; After a while, …; it was only when…; we realized that…; Luckily, …; In the end, …; It was an awful/terrible journey.

1. A Bad Journey

This happened last summer when I went on a road trip with my friends to the mountains. We were excited to spend a week away from the city and explore the beauty of nature. Our plan was to drive to the mountains, set up a campsite, and go hiking.

The first part of the journey was smooth. We enjoyed the scenic drive and singing along to our favourite songs. However, after a while, we noticed that the car was making strange noises. We initially ignored it, thinking it was just a minor issue, but soon, the car started to shake, and we had to pull over.

It was only when we inspected the car that we realized that one of the tires had a puncture. We were in the middle of nowhere, and there was no gas station or repair shop nearby. We tried calling for roadside assistance, but there was no network coverage in the area. We were stuck.

Luckily, one of us had some basic knowledge of changing a tire, and we managed to replace it with the spare one. However, the spare tire was old and worn out, and we knew we couldn’t rely on it for the rest of the journey. We decided to head back to the city to get the tire fixed.

The journey back was long and tiring. We were disappointed that our plan had failed, and we had to cut our trip short. It was an awful journey, and we felt frustrated and defeated.

In the end, we got the tire fixed, but we never made it back to the mountains. We learned an important lesson that day, that we should always be prepared for the worst and have a backup plan. Even though the journey was bad, we had some great memories and laughed about it later.

2. A Bad Journey

This happened a few years ago when I went on a trip to the beach with my family. We were excited to spend a few days in the sun, swim in the ocean, and relax on the sandy shores.

The first part of the journey was smooth, and we arrived at our beach house without any problems. However, after a while, we encountered a problem. The weather suddenly turned for the worse, and a heavy storm hit the coast.

We were stuck in the house for several days, and we couldn’t go outside due to the strong winds and heavy rain. We were getting bored, and we had run out of things to do. It was only when we realized that the power had gone out that we started to panic.

Luckily, we had brought some flashlights and candles, but we didn’t have any food that didn’t require cooking. We tried to find a place to eat, but all the restaurants and stores were closed due to the storm.

In the end, we were able to survive on some canned food that we had brought with us and the snacks we had bought earlier. The storm lasted for a few more days, but we were able to manage until it passed.

It was an awful journey, and we were disappointed that we couldn’t enjoy the beach as we had planned. However, we learned to be more prepared for unexpected situations, and we appreciated the simple things in life, like having electricity and hot meals.

3. A Bad Journey

This happened last summer when I decided to go on a hiking trip with my friends. We planned to climb a mountain that was famous for its beautiful scenery and challenging trails.

The first part of the journey was exciting, and we started our climb early in the morning. However, after a while, we encountered a problem. One of my friends had twisted her ankle and couldn’t walk anymore.

We tried to help her walk, but it was too painful for her, and she couldn’t put any weight on her foot. We realized that we had to call for help, but there was no cell phone signal, and we were in a remote area with no other hikers around.

We were getting worried, and it was only when we heard a distant sound that we realized there was a helicopter flying nearby. We tried to signal for help, and luckily, the helicopter spotted us and landed nearby.

In the end, my friend was taken to a hospital, and she recovered quickly. However, our hiking trip was cut short, and we didn’t get to see the mountain’s beautiful scenery.

It was a terrible journey, and we were disappointed that we couldn’t complete our hike. However, we learned the importance of being prepared for emergencies and not taking unnecessary risks when hiking in remote areas.

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