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A.1 Seviyesi 2. dönem 3. İngilizce Yazılı Soruları


NAME            :                                                                                                                     DATE: ……/……./2013

SURNAME:                                                             A                                             CLASS: 9/AND-……


My name is Helga. I live in Brighton. But I am from Germany. I want to work as a volunteer in Tanzania. I like different cultures. I am going to work in a small village. I am going to go in June. I am going to stay in the village for one month. Then, I am going to Kenya in July. I would like to see and help wild animals. I am going to come back home in August. I also want to go abroad and help poor people. I would like to work as a volunteer in Botswana in the middle of August. I am going to stay there for eight months.

A- Read the passage and write T (true); F (false). (Parçayı okuyun doğru mu yanlış mı yazın.)                           (5×3=15)

a. Helga is English.                                                                       …………..

b. She wants to see and help animals in Tanzania.   …………..

c. She is going to stay in Botswana for 8 months.       …………..

d. She doesn’t want to help people.                               …………..

e. Helga’s gap year place is Brighton.                           …………..

B- Match the questions with the answers (Sorularla cevapları eşleştirin) (8×2=16)

_____ 1. Would you like to come with me?                   a. No, you aren’t.

_____ 2. What are you going to do there?                    b. I’d like to go to Spain.

_____ 3. What are you doing?                                        c. Next Monday morning.

_____ 4. How long are you going to stay?                    d. I am going to help homeless people.

_____ 5. Where are you going?                                      e. For six months.

_____ 6. What would you like to do in your holiday? f. I am going to Paris.

_____ 7. Am I disturbing you?                                         g. I am planning my trip.

_____ 8. When are you going to leave?                                   h. Yes, I’d love to.

C- Read the sentences and write PAST, NOW or FUTURE (Cümleleri okuyup PAST= geçmiş,             NOW= şimdi ya da FUTURE= gelecek yazın) (6×4=24)

            a. I am going to take a credit card tomorrow.                             ___________________

b. I  exchanged some money yesterday.                                   ___________________

c. I am going to travel by plane next month.                             ___________________

d. I am watching the weather forecast at the moment.                       ___________________

e. I am packing my bags now.                                                     ___________________

f. I booked my ticket last week.                                                    ___________________




D- Write where Gabriel wants to go and draw his route. (Gabriel’in nereye gitmek istediğini boşluğa yazın ve gittiği yolu krokide çizin) (Çizim ve Gidilen yer= 15 pts)










Gabriel: Excuse me! Where is the _______________?

Woman:   Walk along this road and take the second turning on the left. Go up the street and take the                                     second turning on the right. It is on your left.

E- Write the directions for the given route. (Verilen/Çizilmiş rotanın tarifini yazın) (5×2=10)

                        Turn left. X 2           Take the second turning on the right             Walk along the street

                                                           The theatre is on your left.

Gabriel: Excuse me! Where is the theatre?

Woman:___________________________________________________________________________            _______________________________________________________________________________

F- Choose and write the Turkish meanings of ten of the bold and underlined words. (Altı çizili ve koyu yazılmış kelimelerden 10 tanesini seçip Türkçelerini yazın) (10×2=20)

Interviewer:We would like to hear your comments on Atatürk’s reforms.

Mr. Taniko:    First of all I’d like to explain my admiration about Atatürk as a historian. He was a genius statesman. He created a nation. It is really difficult to explain his reforms in short, but I am going to try it. In my opinion, his educational and cultural reforms are so important. Integration of education and adoption of the new Turkish alphabet and organization of university education are educational reforms.

Women had equal rights with men in the society. This was a social reform. He abolished the sultanate. Then, the declaration of the republic came. Finally, abolishment of caliphate came. These were his political reforms. I think all the reforms were important because Atatürk wanted to create a new nation. He achieved his goals.

Interviewer:Now, we have the advertisements. We’ll be back.

1-                                                                                           6-

2-                                                                                           7-

3-                                                                                           8-

4-                                                                                           9-

5-                                                                                           10-

A.2 Seviyesi 2. dönem 3. İngilizce Yazılı Soruları

……………………………. EĞİTİM ÖĞRETİM YILI YÜREĞİR MEHMET AKİF İNAN ANADOLU LİSESİ 2. DÖNEM 3. YAZILI SORULARI NAME            :                                                                                                         DATE: ……/06/2014 SURNAME:                                                   NUMBER:                                 CLASS: 10/AND-……                Kitapçık A   A-     Make Sentences Using the appropriate form of USED TO (USED … Devamı-More…