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A.1 Seviyesi 2. dönem 4. İngilizce Yazılı Soruları


NAME            :                                                                                                                     DATE: ……/……./2013

SURNAME    :                                                                      D                                             CLASS: 9/AND-……

NUMBER       :

A- Read the passage and answer the questions. (Parçayı okuyun soruları cevaplayın.) (5×3=15)


What colour is an orange? Is it orange? Not always. Some oranges are green. They can be green in colour. Oranges that are orange in colour grow in cool air. Some people who live in very warm places never see oranges of orange colour. People eat oranges in many ways. Some people eat them with sugar. Others put salt on them. Some people use a knife and a fork to help them peel and eat an orange. Many people use a spoon. Orange juice is very popular. To make it people squeeze oranges. Not all oranges are food or drink. There is one country where people cut oranges in half and use them to clean the floor!



1. What is the BEST TITLE of the story?

  1. Drinking Orange     b. Eating fruit
  2. Oranges                 d. People who like oranges


2. What is TRUE about green oranges?

  1. People can’t eat them.
  2. People don’t like them.
  3. People throw them away.
  4. They don’t grow in cool air.


3. People squeeze oranges to

  1. make juice.             b. make them green.
  2. clean the floor.       d. make sugar.

4. Some people use oranges

  1. to clean the floor.   b. instead of salt.
  2. instead of sugar.     d. to paint.


5. We know from this story that

  1. People don’t like oranges.
  2. People can’t eat oranges without spoons, forks or knives.
  3. Green oranges are bad.
  4. Oranges have many uses.




B- Read the passage and answer the questions. (Parçayı okuyun soruları cevaplayın.) (5×5=25)


The country of Japan is made up of four large islands in the Pacific Ocean. About one hundred twenty one million people live on the islands. The largest city is Tokyo, which is also Japan’s capital. Rice and fish are basic foods in Japan. People use about half of the farmland to grow rice. Because Japan is on the islands, it is one of the world’s greatest fishing countries.



  1. How many large islands make up Japan?

a. 3               b. 4                 c. 2


  1. What ocean is around Japan?

a. the Atlantic b. the Pacific c. the Arctic


  1. About how many people live in Japan?

a. 121 million b. 20 million c. 120 thousand


  1. What is the largest city in Japan?

a. Pacific     b. Japan         c. Tokyo

  1. What is the name of the capital?

a. Pacific     b. Japan         c. Tokyo


  1. What is the name of two basic foods, which people eat in Japan?

a. bread and butter b. meat and milk c. fish and rice


7. How much of the farmland is used for growing rice?

a. half           b. 121 million  c. one million



C- Answer the questions according to the situation. (Soruları duruma göre cevaplayın.) (3×5=15)



1. – Excuse me, madam. I need something to stop my headache. Could you explain how to use these pills?

  1. You should take two pills two times a day before meals. b. Do you think the medicine will help?
  2. Sure. This is the best we have.


2. Can I help you, madam?

a. Yes, please. I need a nice box of chocolate sweets. b. Thank you. I’ll buy it. Shall I pay here?

                                   c. These are delicious sweets. They are very popular and only eight dollars.


3 – Robert, do you know where we can see a giraffe?

  1. Yes, it’s not far from here. It is to the left from the cage with zebras. b. No, you mustn’t give the lions food.
  2. I’d like to see monkeys too. They are so funny. I’ll give a banana to them.






D- Read the passage and choose the correct picture. (Parçayı okuyun doğru resmi seçin.) (15×1=15)

My grandparents have a nice garden with different trees. There is a small path across the garden. There are three apple trees, three pear-trees and two cherry-trees on the left and two cherry-trees, two apple trees and three pear trees on the right. Which is my grandparents’ garden?


E- Read the passage and answer. (Parçayı okuyun cevaplayın.) (10×3=30)

At a Picnic

Hi, my name is Rob. My family and I are in the forest, it’s a nice day. The sun is shining brightly. The birds are singing happily. We are having a picnic. Mum is making sandwiches with vegetables and meat. Granny is making tea. Dad is playing the guitar and singing his favourite songs. My younger sister is playing with her doll and singing with Dad. I’m listening to the music and helping Mum. Our doggy Johnny is running and playing with a ball. We are together and we are happy.



1. Where is the family?

  1. in the park
  2. in the forest
  3. by the river


2. This story tells us how Rob’s family…

  1. is travelling
  2. is cooking lunch
  3. is having a rest


3. Why is the boy’s family happy?

  1. They are singing.
  2. They are together.
  3. The weather is good.


4. Who is making tea?

  1. Mum
  2. Dad
  3. Granny


5. What is the weather like?

  1. It’s nice and sunny.
  2. It’s rainy and cool.
  3. It’s cloudy but warm.



6. What is there in the sandwiches?

  1. fruit and rice
  2. meat and vegetables.
  3. jam and butter


7. Their pet is …

  1. a cat
  2. a rat
  3. a dog


8.  What does “favourite” mean?

     It means …

  1. you often do it
  2. you like it
  3. you listen to it


9. When Dad is playing the guitar everybody is …

  1. jumping
  2. running
  3. listening


10. It is clear that the family members …

  1. are enjoying themselves
  2. are sad and unhappy
  3. are afraid of rain



Good Luck!



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