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Çeviribilim-Translation Studies

Çeviribilim-Translation Studies

Küreselleşme ve Yabancı diller temasıyla çıkardığımız UniqueELT dergide yayınlanan ve o zamanların meşhur Eko-Diyalog adlı programından ‘esinlendiğim’ ünlem ve soru işaretleri arasındaki fikir diyaloğu=ideo-dialogue başlıklı çeviribilim sohbeti.


Ideo-dialogue in Marmara University this week! TOPIC: Translation and Globalization!

?: We first called it translation. Then, on the basis of changing philosophies scholars called it interpretation, now I coined a new name for it.

!: What’s it?

?: Come on! I ask the questions here! Let’s find the answer together by asking and answering questions.

!: Ok, then!

?: Tell me: Why do we create a new text?

!: Well! We want to please others or ourselves, maybe! Also … to inform others. I may give you a few answers …

?: No, no! These answers are enough. Just tell me why we translate!

!: For the same reasons, I suppose!

?: Good, now tell me what we do translate!

!: Oh, let me think for a while… Yess! We translate a foreign text which might be a poem, prose … and … yeah! Whatever you find in a culture … by using the language and linguistic devices.

?: But, what if you are deaf? Is only the language enough?

!: Certainly not! We translate or what we interpret in today’s philosophy by using the sign and body language as well. I feel that we are approaching the striking end.

?: We  are just in the mid-way… Here is the next question: What is the function of the original text in translation?

!: Hmmm! In the essentialist sense it is the source to be stuck by… Today… it is interpreted and a new text is created… But, looking at your eyes, I feel that you have another one in your mind…That you coined …

?: Cute! Here comes next question: How do  we benefit from what we produce as translation?

!: We benefit intellectually… and … we earn money, which is a bit … oh! .. fully about pragmatism, though… and the third one is in your mind, huh?

?: Yes! It’s INSPIRATION! It is the reason why you create a new text, why you decide to translate or what you translate. A text inspires you in a way so thatyou can create a text which doesn’t necessarily obey the original one. You get a new idea and use it in a style you wish to; I mean you may write in prose even if you are inspired by a poem. You may call it translation, if we have to name it. You may stick to the inspiring (or source) text almost wholly or some parts depending on your own choices or sometimes you merely… get the idea. In this case, nobody knows you are translating, if you do not give it away yourself. The benefit is that we inspire others for new ideas. We do not sell ideas under the curtain of copyrights. It has, then, no difference from selling fresh water and air which belong to the public. We get the ideas from what the public produces. Inventions are not the inventors’ original idea. Those are already thought in some way by other different members of a public/society. They simply are inspired and realize these thoughts first. Originality is an illusion. I know what I am telling you is said or thought by somebody else …

!: So, how come can you think of these ideas and what do all these have to do with globalization.

?: Well, I am inspired by post-modernism and I want to inspire everybody… As for globalization? Some day, perhaps people will not be involved in a rat race to be richer or the richest. They will learn to share their ideas as well as water and air and the world. They will not struggle for themselves but others as well. Similarly, the countries will not struggle for themselves but the whole world.

? and !: HURRAY!

Kenan AKARSLAN: UniqueELT, Spring 2004, Issue: 1, P.10-11

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