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Speaking Task: You cannot understand a city without using its public transportation system

Speaking Task: Agree or Disagree: “You cannot understand a city without using its public transportation system.” Erol Ozan

You have 2 minutes to talk.

When responding to the statement, you may follow this format:

1. Agree or disagree.

2. Express your opinion (a clear standpoint).

3. Give reasons (arguments) with examples.

4. Optional: Present the opposing view and show contrast.

5. Restate (repeat) your opinion (and summarize your main point).

The transcript:

  1. Totally agree with Erol Ozan’s quote, “You can’t really know a city without taking its public transportation.”
  2. In my opinion, using public transportation is essential to truly experience and understand a city.
  3. Firstly, public transportation allows us to explore different neighborhoods and areas that we might not come across otherwise. When we hop on a bus or train, we get to see the city from a local’s perspective and discover hidden gems and local hangouts. It helps us get a sense of the city’s diversity and character.
  4. Secondly, using public transportation helps us interact with the city’s residents. We get to observe their daily routines, engage in conversations, and experience the city’s atmosphere firsthand. It gives us a glimpse into the local culture and allows us to connect with the people who call the city home.
  5. Some might argue that using other modes of transportation or walking can also provide a good understanding of a city. While that’s true to some extent, public transportation offers a unique and comprehensive view. It takes us through different neighborhoods, exposes us to the city’s public spaces, and gives us a real sense of how people move around and interact within the urban environment.
  6. To sum it up, if we really want to understand a city, we need to embrace its public transportation system. It allows us to explore diverse areas, connect with locals, and fully immerse ourselves in the city’s vibe.