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ingilizce speaking: açık uçlu soru bankası # 4

B1 Level Questions

Topics in this article: Business, Fear, Environment, Medicine

Business questions

1) Should a boss have a separate office from his / her employees?

2) Is it a good idea to form a friendship with your boss?

3) Have you ever had a job or any paid work before?

4) Is it difficult to find a job after college? Why?

5) Why do you think some people decide to start their own companies?

6) Do you agree that technology makes a company successful?

7) What kind of office space would you prefer to work in? Why?

8) Why do some people choose to work part-time?

9) How important is good customer service to you? Would you use a company if staff were rude to you?

10) What is more important for you, good-quality products or cheap products?

Vocabulary Practice Questions:

1) Do you think annual bonuses to employees are a good idea?

2) At what time of the day do you think office workers are most efficient?

3) What suggestions would you give to a struggling business owner?

4) What is your greatest achievement in life?

5) How can a change in company policy affect the motivation of employees?

6) Would you feel comfortable working in a cubicle in an office?

7) How can governments help reduce unemployment?

8) What is a realistic salary you think you deserve for an entry-level job in a successful new company?

9) Do you think your personality would make you successful in a sales job?

10) Which companies seem to be the best to work for? Why?

Impromptu Questions:

1) What are the disadvantages of having your boss in the same office as you?

2) What advice would you give to people starting in business?

3) What are the dangers of having your own business?

4) Why do you think some businesses fail?

5) Are small businesses popular in your country?


1) What is something you are afraid of?

2) Do you think a fear of something could have a serious impact on someone’s life?

3) Why do you think so many people are scared of spiders?

4) What technique would you recommend for someone who wanted to relax more?

5) When was the last time you were afraid? What happened?

6) What tips would you recommend for someone who’s giving a speech in public for the first time?

7) Why do you think so many people are scared of different animals?

8) What fears do your friends or family have?

9) Have you had the feeling of time moving slowly when you are scared?

10) Do you have any phobias?

Vocabulary Practice Questions:

1) What priceless lessons have you learnt from your failures?

2) Do you involve other people in solving your problems?

3) How do you feel when you have to speak in front of a large audience?

4) Is it possible to learn to control your fears?

5) Do you know any helpful techniques that can help students stay calm during exams?

6) Are you hopeful about your future?

7) How can we deal with bad memories of some scare or awful situations we have been in?

8) Do you think the percentage of jobless and homeless people has gone up due to the pandemic? Why / Why not?

9) When did you feel helpless or powerless?

10) What are your body’s automatic reactions to danger?

Impromptu Questions:

1) What can a person do to overcome his fears?

2) Have you ever had any nightmares? Can scary events cause nightmares?

3) What is something you used to be afraid of, but not anymore?

4) When is it good to be afraid?

5) Do you have negative feelings about street dogs? Why are many people scared of them?


1) Is the city that you live in environmentally friendly?

2) Do you view solar energy as a positive or negative thing? Why?

3) What would be important to keep in mind when camping in a remote area?

4) Is air pollution a problem where you live?

5) Do you think people are more or less concerned about the environment nowadays than in the past?

6) Do you think we should prohibit the use of fossil fuels to protect the environment?

7) What type of transportation does the most damage to the environment?

8) Would you be interested in working in the tourism industry? Why / why not?

9) What is the most crucial change we need to make to protect the environment?

10) Should we ban the disposal of waste at sea?

Vocabulary Practice Questions:

1) What does the current data say about global climate change?

2) What should you do if you see someone leave trash on the ground by accident?

3) How can we help preserve the environment with small actions every day?

4) Do you think tourism is destroying the environment? If yes, how?

5) Should there be a fee for carbon emissions?

6) What kinds of energy are renewable?

7) Are there any remote locations you would like to visit?

8) Do you think recycling is beneficial to the environment?

9) Which habitat do you think we should focus our conservation efforts on first? Why?

10) Do you choose products that have environmentally friendly production practices?

Impromptu Questions:

1) Do you think global warming is real?

2) What can large cities do to improve their air quality?

3) What can we do to reduce air pollution?

4) Would you like to drive an electric car? Are they the future?

5) What will happen if we keep polluting the environment?


1) What things do you do to stay healthy?

2) Is medical care in your country good? How often do you get a check-up?

3) Do you ever use your phone to find out medical information?

4) Would you feel more comfortable seeing a doctor face-to-face or online?

5) Would you ever consider going overseas for medical treatment?

6) What is your advice for people who find doctors frightening?

7) Are the physical or mental effects of poor sleep worse?

8) Do you think the medical tourism trend is a good thing? Why / Why not?

9) Do you think it’s OK for someone to discuss their personal health issues with strangers?

10) What kind of person would make a good surgeon?

Vocabulary Practice Questions:

1) Why do you think there are fewer nursing homes in Turkey than in other countries?

2) How would you persuade someone who never goes to the doctor to get a check-up?

3) Why do you think so many people don’t go for regular health check-ups?

4) Have you ever tried an alternative treatment? Do you know anyone who has? Would you ever try one?

5) Does your culture have any strange cures for illnesses?

6) Why do you think there is such a thriving market for plastic surgery?

7) Does it matter that no everyone has equal access to quality health care?

8) Why do you think scientists were able to develop a Covid-19 vaccine so quickly?

9) Would you see a therapist to help you with a problem? Why / Why not?

10) Turkey has the highest rate of obesity in all of Europe. Should this be a concern?

Impromptu Questions:

1) Do natural medicines work?

2) What is something you’d like to see happen someday in the field of medicine?

3) How would you recommend treating a cold?

4) Have you ever been hospitalized?

5) Do you consider yourself to be healthy?

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