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konuşma speaking 3ü bir arada

Bu videoda iki monolog ve bir diyalog var. İlk monologda Why Chinese is becoming more popular? sorusunun cevabı veriliyor. İkinci görevde çocuklar şehirde mi köyde mi büyümeli sorusunun cevabı aranıyor. İkinci görevin sonunda bir de geribildirim var Kenan hocadan. Son video ise Mehmet Han Uğur ile. Kendisine çok teşekkür ediyorum katkısı için. Bu görevde diyalog halindeyiz ve spor konusunu tartışıyoruz. İyi seyirler.
In this video there are two monologues and a dialogue. In the first monologue Why Chinese is becoming more popular? is being discussed. In the second speaking task, the question whether the children should grow in the city or in the village was asked. At the end of the second task there is also a feedback from Kenan teacher. The last video is with Mehmet Han Ugur. I thank him very much for his contribution. We are having a dialogue on this task and we are discussing the issue of sports. Enjoy it

Why do more people learn Chinese in the
world? I can think of several reasons.
First of all, it’s a kind of challenge for a person because Chinese characters are difficult to learn and Mandarin
Chinese has lots of symbols and characters.
If you’re a risk-taking person or a person who likes challenges a lot, you may want to learn it. People may challenge themselves to learn more and challenge their brains as well. Another reason might be economical. You can get good jobs in your country or abroad becausethe Chinese economy is developing.
China is, we can say, a developed country and you can find a better job, earn more money by learning Chinese because lots of companies in the world
want to contact or keep contact with Chinese companies. Even, you can find lots of cheap shopping opportunities online.
if your Chinese… if you know a little-even a little- Chinese you may survive better online as well. In terms of tourism, lots of Chinese tourists are
going abroad to see different places. If they come to your country you may find a job by guiding them in your own country. Or, from another point of view, on the
other hand, you can see different places in China. You can visit there and survive very easily because English might not be enough for you to survive there.
You can learn about a different culture. Chinese people may have a different religion from yours and this religion, the difference in this
religion is very important and it’s reflected in architecture as well. This means you can learn about a different culture.
And, last, my last point is that Chinese is becoming an international language. Just think about this: Two billion people are speaking this language and if you
learn Chinese it means you can understand or communicate with two billion people around in the world. This is not the case in your own language I suppose. Because of all these reasons,
many more people have started to learn Chinese.
It’s better for children to grow up in a big city than in country because city life is easier than village life. For example, the school is close so children can go to school on foot.
Moreover, there are many social areas in the big city for children such as swimming pools, playgrounds, running ways. Also, there are many opportunities for children to
improve themselves. For example, music courses, dance courses, chess courses. They are effective in the child’s development. As a result, [it is] better for children [to live] in a big city.
That’s all.
I really liked your speaking recording and you are talking about children growing up in big cities you have three points:
easier life, more social activities, opportunities to improve themselves.
These three points are really good. I really like them Ümmügülsüm. Bravo and also I like your examples. For example, for being easy you give the school
example and say that they can go to school easily for the social one you’re giving swimming pools playgrounds as an example. That’s really good. I really
liked it and opportunities to improve themselves: your examples are music course, chess course… These courses are effective. You’re giving examples and
supporting your ideas wonderfully and you’re also concluding your points using ‘as a result’. I really liked it. Go on please. That’s wonderful.
OK! Welcome to the speaking task. Can you introduce yourself, please? What’s your name? What’s your surname?
My name is Mehmet Han. Mehmet Han Uğur. OK! Is sport important and why? Well, yes it is because it’s healthy and you can
become sociable. That’s very good and do you think that children should be encouraged to play different sports at school. Let me think it’s easy to learn and understand sports in your childhood.
So I think yes. All right, I have a second question for you. Do you prefer doing or playing or watching sports? Which is healthier, which is more fun? I prefer doing sports
because it’s healthier and more fun. Thank you!
What sports are very popular in Turkey? Which are less popular? Well, Team sports
are more popular than individual sports because many Turkish people watch football matches; however, martial arts are getting popular in Turkey. Do you mean martial arts? Yes.
Yes, OK! Can you name some extreme sports?
Let me think! Mountain biking, bungee jumping, snowboarding and surfing. These are among the extreme sports I can think of.
They are wonderful examples, thank you! And why do some people like doing dangerous activities. Risk taking people like doing dangerous activities in
general because they like adrenaline. Hmm do you like doing dangerous activities? Yes, I do because I’m a risk taking person, too. Wow! Are you a competitive person or
risk-taking person? Yes, I am, like I said, I’m a risk-taking person. Also, I like to compete with others and I get angry…. you like to- sorry I like to compete with others. Ah, you like
to compete with others. I get angry I lose so I can say I’m a competitive person. You get angry when you lose? yeah Wow and okay one last question for you: Companies spend a lot of money on
advertising during football matches. Do you think it’s a good idea? Yes, I think it’s a good idea because many people who watch football matches and there is a lot of demand for football. Wow!
Thank you for joining us today. See you later. Take care, see you later!