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Speaking Task: Agree or Disagree: Never spend money before you have it

“Never spend money before you have it.” Do you agree or disagree with the quote?

You have 2 minutes to talk.

When responding to the statement, you may follow this format:

1. Agree or disagree.

2. Express your opinion (a clear standpoint).

3. Give reasons (arguments) with examples.

4. Optional: Present the opposing view and show contrast.

5. Restate (repeat) your opinion (and summarize your main point).

The transcript:

  1. Yeah, I agree with the saying “Don’t spend money you don’t have.”
  2. In my opinion, it’s smart to follow this advice because it helps us handle our money wisely.
  3. First off, if we spend money we don’t actually have, it can get us into trouble. For example, using credit cards to buy things we can’t afford might put us in debt and make it hard to pay back what we owe. Secondly, waiting until we actually have enough money before making a purchase helps us avoid impulse buying and wasting our cash. By being patient and thinking through our decisions, we can focus on what we truly need, make better choices, and avoid stressing out over money.
  4. Some people might say it’s okay to spend money before we have it, especially if we have a regular income or expect to get money soon. But relying on future money can be risky, ’cause unexpected expenses can pop up or our financial situation might change. It’s safer and more responsible to spend what we already have in our hands.
  5. To sum it up, being careful not to spend money we don’t have is a smart move. By being mindful of our finances and waiting until we’ve got enough cash, we can steer clear of debt, make smarter decisions, and keep our financial situation in better shape.