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yazma görevi: yenilenebilir enerji

TASK: “We have energy problems and renewable energy can solve this”

  1. Renewable energy and our energy problems

Most people believe that if they start to use renewable energy systems they can solve their and the world’s energy problems. According to governments and scientists, it is not possible because governments have to spend a lot of money on these systems. Also, many countries do not have enough workers to operate these systems in their countries. On the other hand, some countries have natural gas and oil so they do not want to use renewable energy systems because of trade and money issues. They are badly affected because some countries such as Holland and China have launched renewable energy systems and this will affect other countries with traditional methods economically. To sum up, when natural gas and oil are used up in the future, countries will have to decide what type of energy they want to use, renewable or traditional energy resources, but it might be too late.

2. Renewable energy

It is known that our world has many renewable energy resources such as the sun or wind power. People can use them for their own good. I believe that renewable energy can solve our problems. Technology is improving day by day. It is likely that all countries will benefit from the sun as it is accessible everywhere. It is obivous that solar energy causes no air pollution. Moreover, unlike old types of energy resources, renewable energy does not damage our environment. For example, when we use oil for cars, it causes a lot of air pollution. Fortunately, some countries already use renewable energy such as Holland and China. Holland uses wind turbines. Some hot country use solar panels. Other countries have dams. We need energy for life. Environmentally renewable energy is good for our Earth.

3. Renewable energy

Energy is a big problem around the world. Many people consider energy problems as one of the biggest issues in our world. Researchers are searching to find new ways and products to solve this energy problem. First of all, I think, renewable energy can solve our energy problems but it is more expensive than other types of energy. Still, it is healthier for people and the environment. If we want to live in a healthy way, we have to use renewable energy. Governments should think about how to use this type of energy. The world is changing and many more countries adopt renewable energy systems. For example, Germany uses solar panels and it produces a lot of energy. Energy is an indispensable part of our lives, therefore, we have to produce reusable energy for a good life.

4. Renewable energy

Nowadays, global warming affects many areas in the world. I think that the best indicator of this is energy resources steadily disappearing. Energy problems will result in worse living conditions for people in the future. I believe that renewable energy can solve our energy problems. If people continue to waste electricity and potable water, we will face serious problems. However, we can use wind and solar energy to solve this problem. Also, the majority view is that renewable energy should be used more because wind turbines and solar energy panels are eco-friendly, sustainable and reliable. They do not harm living beings. However, some researches indicate that renewable energy systems are unaffordable. Moreover, a minority view is that renewable energy is not sufficient for the needs of people. This is a dangerous view because they seem to be unaware of how important renewable energy is for plants, animals and people themselves. It is dangerous because people continue to contribute to global warming. To sum up, we protect our energy for us, future generation and other living beings. We have to find cheaper ways to produce renewable energy save it for a good life.

5. Renewable energy

There is an energy problem which affects people. Nowadays, this problem is getting worse in the world. Many people think that renewable energy can solve our problems and I also believe that thanks to technology developing, renewable energy systems can solve all the problems because there are already many renewable products in the world such as solar energy panels and wind turbines. Solar energy, for example, does not damage the environment so people can use it in factories or in their homes comfortably. However, some people argue that renewable energy systems are not affordable. They may be right but this can be solved by improving the technology to produce them. To sum up, renewable energy can solve our energy problems with renewable energy products getting cheaper as energy and a clean environment are important for our future.

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