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evde çalışma ile ilgili konuşma görevi

speaking task konuşma görevi evde çalışmanın iyi ve kötü yanları the advantages and disadvantages of working from home? Örnek beyin fırtınası ve cevap. Dinle ve kendini geliştir. Konuşmanın metni videonun altındadır.

Hello dear friends. I am going to present you with a sampla speaking task today.

Let’s check our Speaking Task topic.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working from home?

That is, the good sides and bad sides of working from home.

First of all, we need to do brainstorming first.

We call it ‘brainstorming in English’.

We may talk about the cost of renting offices.

We can talk about the time and money lost commuting.

We may talk about how homeworkers may improve their time management skills.

Getting up or going to bed any time they wish to is another point.

While talking about disadvantages we may include the good thing about a break from family.

A change of might be good.

We may include how working with others may contribute to our creative working.

We may give some examples to support

that it is difficult for some jobs that need teamwork.

We may talk about workers with young families.

We may consider its bad effects on homeworkers.

Another point is the lack of space in your houses for homeworking.

Considering all these points we may present the ideas in English. Here is how:


You need to welcome the audience.

Hello, everybody welcome to my presentation about

the advantages and disadvantages of homeworking.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of homeworking.
Let me talk about the advantages first.

There are three important advantages I can think
of. First, the cost of office space.

When you work from home you do not have to spend
any money for office rent. Your boss doesn’t

have to, either. Second, people have to spend
a lot of time and money commuting. For instance, I spend

at least 1.5 hours commuting to work by bus.
The last advantage is more personal.

As a homeworker you choose when to sleep or wake
up. You have the chance to plan your work

day. This will improve your time management
skills, too. On the other hand, there are

many disadvantages of working from home. Offices
may be costly but they provide some break

from your family. Seeing different people
may support creativity, too. For example,

when you are stuck, you may brainstorm with
other colleagues. Also, some jobs require

teamwork. Footballers for example cannot work
from home. It would be funny. Second, having

your children around while working will definitely
be a disadvantage. For example, when I try

to focus on an important e-mail my sons distract
me either by asking questions or forcing me

to spend time with them. Children are sometimes
demanding. Last but not the least, working

space may be another problem at home. You need
a big house with a special study room if you

can afford.