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writing task: it is more difficult for women to be successful in business

Kadınların iş dünyasında başarılı olması daha zordur. Opinion essay örneği.

Women in Business

Nowadays a lot more women are more active in business areas than in the past. Formerly, women did not use to work outside their houses such as in business areas. Today, however, there are more women workers in companies. What is more, some businesses cannot compete without women. Still, women have a lot of social problems and too many steps to take to be successful in business. Some people believe that women are weak in the business area or a lot of women suffer from violence by men. This leads to women’s not believing in themselves. I strongly believe that women have a lot of problems even in their daily life. So it is more difficult for women to be successful in business.

First of all, some people think that women are weak in the business area or their job. People believe that if women do something this is always incorrect or false. Especially old people expect women to stay home and grow up the child. They should do housework and cook for their family. All these things are a social problem for women. These views create difficulties for women.

Secondly, a lot of women are suffering from a form of violence by other people, especially men. Some bosses behave badly against women, for example, mobbing. This leads women to be always careful and alert which results in a lack of self-confidence. Violence against women happens not only in offices or plazas but also in the street or even at school. Moreover, some bosses are so rude to women just because they are successful in business and this makes it more difficult for women to survive in business

To conclude, I believe these problems will be overcome by the society with the change of perspectives and opportunities for women will flourish in business. Women will have equal career opportunities in the future. We will see that.

Writing Task: Describe an inventor and their invention

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